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Neck Lines

On the neck, horizontal lines known as necklace lines and vertical ridges, called platysmal bands, may be treated with BOTOX®, and in some instances with advanced dermal fillers. 

Necklace Lines

Photodamage to the skin, loss of collagen and elastin, as well as laxity of the neck muscle can contribute to formation of horizontal wrinkles and lines, known as necklace lines.  These lines may be treated with BOTOX®.  It is common for a medical practitioner to have a patient come in a couple weeks after treatment, in order to augment the treatment with a second BOTOX® application.

While it may take a greater amount of BOTOX® to treat necklace lines than most facial areas, the results may last longer than is typical with other cosmetic BOTOX® treatments because of less muscle movement on the neck.  If a patient is diligent in returning for repeat treatments as soon as the effects of the BOTOX® treatment subsides, over time, the etching of the lines may be diminished or eliminated. 

In addition to BOTOX®, some medical practitioners may use a soft dermal filler, such as Juvederm® or Restylane®, placed immediately underneath each line. 

Platysmal Bands

As we age, the platysma neck muscle may become more lax or more enlarged. When this happens, vertical bands may become more pronounced when the muscle is contracted.  BOTOX® may be used to relax the muscle and diminish the appearance of the bands.

When selecting a medical practitioner for the procedures mentioned above, it is important to select a medical practitioner with a depth of experience with each particular technique for optimal results and safety.


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